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Emberion works to develop and deliver innovative and disruptive solutions in the field of imaging and sensing. We leverage our technology knowledge and experience to provide leading solutions. Our team has created more than 300 patent applications in related technologies and has numerous publications in high-impact scientific journals.

Graphene Transducers

Graphene transducers

Emberion’s technology is based on charge sensitive graphene transducers that detect charging of the surrounding material and convert the original optical signal into an electrically measurable one. The graphene transducers provide a versatile way of creating sensors and detectors on different substrates for different applications.

We have capabilities to integrate our graphene transducers on silicon, glass or polymer substrates. The substrate can be flexible and bendable.

Graphene transducers provide significant benefits for photodetector and sensor products. The combination of very high performance, cost-efficient manufacturing, and deposition on potentially flexible, large area substrates is unique and creates new applications and business opportunities for our end-product customers.

Photonic Absorbers

Nanostructured radiation absorbers

Emberion has developed radiation absorbers that enable photodetection from visual to near-infrared (NIR) wavelengths and on long wavelength infrared (LWIR). Emberion is using several materials that can be integrated reliably on graphene transducers.

We’re developing integrated solutions for multispectral infrared sensing and imaging. Based on our photodetectors and microbolometers that use similar graphene transducers we are able to cover large spectral range in a single devices and even in a single pixel level.

Emberion’s technologies are based on materials that can be deposited on various substrates, including flexible ones. Functional photodetector arrays can be produced on flexible polymer substrates or on glass substrates as well.

Electronics Integration

CMOS integrated photodetectors

Emberion’s products use standard CMOS technologies for the readout circuitry. The graphene transducers are monolithically integrated on the post-processed CMOS wafers. Our devices contain integrated low noise front-end solutions, power effective multiplexing, high-performance analog-digital converters and digital system interfaces for flexible integration.

The readout circuitry is designed in a modular way so that it can be adjusted to fit different customer requirements.

Imager Modules

Miniaturised robust packaging

Emberion provides its CMOS integrated photodetectors and microbolometers in robust miniaturized packages according to the application requirements. For evaluation purposes we have pre-selected package formats, and we have evaluation kits available for our customers with standard optical and electrical interfaces.



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