Product Details

Emberion thermal detectors offer similar or better thermal sensitivity and resolution in room temperature operation than the current high-end cooled thermal imaging technologies.

Emberion Thermal Products

Emberion’s graphene-based bolometers provide a unique solution for thermal imaging applications. Our bolometers exploit heat-to-charge conversion using pyroelectric substrates coupled with ultrasensitive charge detection using graphene field-effect transistors (GFETs). The uncooled graphene microbolometers provide superior thermal responsivity, leveraging the high-gain/low-noise characteristics of integrated graphene transistors.

The Emberion bolometer products aim to provide VGA resolution (640 x 512 arrays) with pixel sizes down to 20×20µm2. Due to their low Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference (NETD) aiming to reach <18mK, they have an ultrasensitive thermal resolution and can be used for thermography and infrared (IR) spectroscopy as either camera sensors or few-pixel devices. The microbolometer arrays can be suspended from the substrate and integrated on wafers using post-processing providing low thermal mass. This includes optimised encapsulation and IR optics with a unique custom readout IC (ROIC) solution.

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