Emberion VS20 VIS-SWIR Camera Core Series

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Emberion VS20 Core with GigE interface offers a full camera functionality with implementations for sensor readout and control, analog-to-digital signal conversion, calibration, image pre-processing, thermal control, power management and standard digital camera interface. A stable performance over a wide environmental temperature range is ensured with a thermoelectric cooling (TEC) element built in the image sensor package. The camera core circuit boards can be built into a stand-alone housed camera or integrated into a hosting imaging system. The module boards can be positioned in various ways due to the flexible connectors between the boards. Potential applications of the image sensor and camera lie in multiple domains, e.g. monochromatic machine vision and multispectral and hyperspectral imaging.

Emberion VS20 Core will be  available as a product variant and will support upto 400 fps.

In future camera core with custom interfaces would be available. Please contact for further discussions.

Product variants

Emberion VS20 Core GigE interface offers a unique broad-spectrum and wide dynamic range imaging performance. The camera core is unhoused and it comprises the sensor, front-end, processing and IO module boards. The VGA-resolution image sensor is based on a proprietary image sensor technology and comprises a light-absorbing Colloidal Quantum Dots (CQD) layer built monolithically on a tailor-made CMOS readout integrated circuit. The CQDs provide an extremely wide spectral response range spanning from visible (VIS) to near infrared (NIR) and up to short-wave infrared (SWIR) wavelengths. The dynamic operation range of the image sensor is very large, owing both to the low noise and non-saturating characteristics of the photodetector.

Wide, tunable spectral range covered with a single sensor array , from visible 400 nm (VIS) light to short-wave infrared 2000 nm (SWIR).

Large inherent dynamic operation range, enabling High-Dynamic-Range (HDR) imaging.

Cost-efficient sensor manufacturing process, providing affordable camera solutions for a wide range of imaging applications.

In house designed CMOS ROIC supporting low noise.

Easy integration for various systems enabling key application areas.

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Semiconductor Imaging


A: Visible Image of a semiconductor wafer
B: Swir Image of semiconductor wafer : SWIR allows see through wafer cabability for inspection and alignment

Defence & Surveillance: Adverse Weather


A: Emberion VS20 Image (no filter): broadband image
B: SWIR image with backlight demonstrating see through smoke for adverse condition: surveillance application.
(Note: Long pass filter >1000nm used for SWIR imaging only)

  • SWIR can offer better contrast than VIS: camouflaged targets
  • Target recognition based on spectral finger prints
  • Covert active imaging with SWIR light >1500 nm
  • Temporal and spatial alignment of VIS and SWIR image information: head-worn vision systems (system complexity, user experience)
  • Better light transmission, enhanced vision in limited visibility conditions: smoke, dust, fog, haze & low-light

Quality inspection

Food and Pharmaceutical Industry Packaging

A: Visible Image (Visual features dominate)
B: SWIR image seeing through the opaque package.
IR image shows the vials very clearly underneath the opaque package. Some of the printed package labels are not visible in IR light. However, the printings on the left-most vial are visible. The fill-up level of the transparent liquid in the vial is very visible due to the water’s high light absorption factor at 1550 nm

SWIR Image : See through paper wrapping 3 times on a glass vial Detection of level of liquid is a key application area for medical/pharmaceutical industry.
SWIR Image showing see through paper wrapping of 4 times.
See through Food Packaging

A: Visible Image of plastic food pakcaging.
B: SWIR image of plastic packaging allowing see through inspection.

See through plastic packaging

A: Visible Image
B: SWIR Image showing the ingridnets inside the packaging


A: Visible Image
B: SWIR Image

Food Detection


A: Visible Image of Potato Starch (left), Baking Soda, Sugar, Table Salt, Coconut Oil & Water
B: SWIR Image showing different contrast level of ingredients depending on their moleucular struture & moisture content. The higher the moisture content the darker the object

Food Inspection


A: Visible image showing rice grains and plastic contaminants
B: SWIR Image: Rice grains apprearing very dark compared to visible picture taken by mobile camera.

SWIR image showing white plastic contaminants clearly visible when using the SWIR camera. The rice apprears very dark while in contrast the plastic contaminants are white in colour.

Counterfeit & Security

A: VISIBLE IMAGE ONLY: Eyes are barely visible behind the sunglasses which makes face recognition very difficult.
B: FULL SPECTRUM IMAGE: 400-2000nm: Visible light dominates IR light in this full spectrum image due to the properties of the halogen + LED light sources and spectral sensitivity of the sensor. Eyes are visible through the sunglasses transparent to IR light and contrast differences remain similar to VIS light and thus face can be automatically recognized with based on conventional VIS image database.
C: SWIR IMAGE:Dark hair, brown eyes and wooden earrings appear very light in IR light. Skin colour looks darker than in VIS light. Black plastic sunglasses are fully transparent, including the frames. Contrast differences make face recognition more difficult.

Product features

High Dynamic Range

The captured image taken by our camera showcases the non-linear response highlighting the contrast differences in the clouds, balconies and car windows compared to InGaAs

High Dynamic Range – High dynamic range sensor incorporated in VS20 camera. Emberion’s HDR with 80dB performance is ideal for large variations in brightness level with a single exposure.

  • Can handle large variations in irradiance level: operation in day and night conditions, better contrast
  • Bright spots do not obscure neighbouring dark objects: headlights in low-light conditions

Better contrast in SWIR than in VIS light: camouflage materials designed for VIS and human eyes.

Download HDR Application notes

Beyond 1700nm Extended Range

Emberion’s camera extends beyond 1700nm compared to incumbent technologies, up to 2000nm. Applications such as PVC detection in waste recycling can be hugely beneficial using 1700nm peak for plastic sorting or detection of the strong water peak at 1920nm. This can be clearly demonstrated using the camera.

The images show that using 1920nm narrowband pass filter and halogen lamps the VS20 can be used to detect moisture absorption. It shows water is very strongly absorbed in that region and can be used for identifying water ingress , food quality, moisture in wood and paper (pulp).

Water absorption detection at various wavelengths using Emberion VS20
VIS only
SWIR : 1450nm
SWIR: 1920nm
Product variant specifications
Image sensor specificationsEmberion VS20 Core GigE
Image sensor typeEmberion colloidal quantum dot (CQD) photodiode
Spectral range400 to 2000 nm
Pixel pitch20.0 μm x 20.0 μm
Resolution in pixels640 x 512
Image size12.80 mm x 10.24 mm
Image diameter16.39 mm
Fill factor90 %
Operable pixels> 99.9%
ShutterGlobal, built-in electronic
CoolingBuilt-in thermoelectric cooler (TEC)
Camera specificationsEmberion VS20 Core GigE
Ambient operating temperature-20 to +40 °C
A/D conversion14 bits
Image processingNon-uniformity correction, linearisation, defect pixel correction
Exposure timeMin 0.1 ms, adjustable with 1 μs resolution
Supply voltage12 ± 1 V, DC, Hirose LF10 connector
Power consumption10 W (typical)
Interfaces and mechanicsEmberion VS20 Core GigE
Lens mountC-mount, optional
Dimensions (L x W x H) without the lens mount81.4 mm x 40.0 mm x 40.0 mm
WeightLess than 120 g without lens mount and heat sink
TriggerTrigger I/O (pins included in power connector) or triggering over Ethernet
Interface optionsEmberion VS20 Core GigE
Image dataGigE Vision, up to 2.5 Gbit, RJ45 connector
CommunicationsGenICam compatible
Max frame rate (full VGA)400 fps
TriggerTrigger I/O (pins included in power connector) or triggering over Ethernet
Powering12 VDC