400-2000 nm
  • VIS-SWIR VGA IMAGER (640×512):
    400-2000 nm


Very wide-spectrum VIS-SWIR Camera Core

  • Based on Emberion’s VGA-resolution VIS-SWIR image sensor: spectral response range spanning from 400 nm up to 2000 nm
  • Fully functional camera core ready for vision system integration comprising implementations for sensor readout & control, AD conversion, calibration, image pre-processing, thermal control and power management
  • Optimized readout modes: full VGA & selected ROIs
  • Optional camera housing for efficient thermal management and protection against dust and water ingress
  • Standard digital camera interface compatible with 3rd party SW tools: CameraLink, GigE Vision, USB3.0 Vision
  • A standard C-mount optical interface with one inch sensor form factor
  • Potential applications include: machine vision, multispectral and hyperspectral imaging, night vision, medical, automotive, defence

Technical Data

Spectral range:0.4 – 2 µm
Array size:640 × 512
Pixel size:20 × 20 µm
Image size:12.8 × 10.24 / 16.4 mm (area/diameter)
Framerate:Max 100 fps (full VGA res.)
NEI (30/100 fps):5 × 10-5 @-20 °C / 2 × 10-4 @0 °C W/m2
Dynamic range:120 / 80 dB (full analog / digital output range)
Shutter:Global electronic
Optical interface:C-mount
Operation temp.:-40 to +55 °C
Supply voltage:12 V
ADC resolution:14 bits
Camera I/O:CameraLink, USB Vision, GigE Vision
Certifications and compliances:CE (EMC, ESD, RoHS, REACH), GenICam
IP rating:GigE IP67, USB IP40

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Emberion’s analog VIS-SWIR VGA image sensor consists of 640 × 512 photodetectors elements with a 20 µm pixel pitch. The spectral response range is wide (400 – 2000 nm) and each detector element extends from visible light into short-wave infrared region.

The image sensor comprises a detector array monolithically built on a tailor-made CMOS readout integrated circuit (ROIC). This manufacturing approach allows both cost-competitive component pricing and convenient integration of the sensor component into imaging systems such as camera cores. The ROIC provides an analog multiplexed image data output and enables global electronic shutter.

VIS-SWIR VGA image sensor has various potential applications in the fields of hyperspectral imaging and night and machine vision.

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