Press Release: Emberion launching its first products at DSEI 2017 in London


Press release
Emberion Oy
September 6th, 2017

Emberion launching its first products at DSEI 2017 in London

Espoo, Finland – Emberion Oy is excited to announce the launch of its first products for visible light to shortwave infrared (VIS-SWIR) detection at the DSEI trade fair held at London Excel 12-15.9.2017.

Emberion’s nanotechnology-based uncooled single pixel VIS-SWIR detectors provide superior responsivity with very low noise over a broad spectral range (400 – 1600 nm wavelength) on a single detector chip. The dynamic range is very large resulting in non-saturating performance. These products demonstrate the potential and maturity of Emberion’s novel nanotechnologies aimed for various applications, including defense and security night vision, where Emberion will enable new application areas of SWIR imaging through attractive value products.

The products offer an attractive alternative VIS-SWIR detector technology for a number of application areas, including spectrometry, optical gas and harmful substance detection and optical power measurements. They are offered both as discrete components with an analog output and as full sensor modules with a digital output. The products will be available for shipping in October 2017. The product datasheet is available upon request.

Beyond the single pixel detectors in 2018, Emberion will offer other novel detectors covering the VIS-SWIR spectral range (400-1800 nm wavelength): a linear array (1×512 pixels) detector specially aimed for spectroscopy, and a VGA imager suitable for night and machine vision as well as hyperspectral imaging. These arrays will bring to the sensor market high performance VIS-SWIR wavelength detectors at an affordable cost compared to existing products.  Additionally, Emberion will later offer a novel ultrasensitive uncooled bolometer array for thermal imaging that will have a very competitive thermal resolution/sensitivity comparable to current cooled detector performance.


About Emberion

Emberion designs and produces high-performance optoelectronics based on graphene, other nanomaterials and in-house designed CMOS integrated circuits. Our primary products are infrared detectors for VIS-SWIR and thermal imaging. Emberion’s products combine high performance with competitive cost level and thus enable new application areas for infrared imaging.

Emberion is co-located in Cambridge, UK, and Espoo, Finland and we are a member of the European Graphene Flagship program. Emberion is an independent SME spin-out from Nokia’s R&D based on venture capital funding from Verso Ventures and co-founded with Emberion employees.

For additional information:

Visit Emberion booth N3-455 at Finnish pavilion at DSEI.
Contact: Sales & Marketing Director, Co-Founder Jyri Hämäläinen;