High-performance VIS-SWIR detectors on plastic foil published in ACS Nano

Results of Emberion’s work on high-performance VIS-SWIR detectors built on plastic foil have just been published in ACS Nano. The article presents a method to combine two different kinds of light absorbing materials with graphene phototransistors. These devices exhibit simultaneously an excellent specific detectivity of 5×1012 Jones and high video-frame-rate operation speed. The article is available online at ACS Publications.

Compound Quantum Dot–Perovskite Optical Absorbers on Graphene Enhancing Short-Wave Infrared Photodetection, by Alexander A. Bessonov, Mark Allen, Yinglin Liu, Surama Malik, Joseph Bottomley, Ashley Rushton, Ivonne Medina-Salazar, Martti Voutilainen, Sami Kallioinen, Alan Colli, Chris Bower, Piers Andrew, and Tapani Ryhänen. Published in ACS Nano, publication date (web): May 30, 2017. doi: 10.1021/acsnano.7b00760

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