Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is your camera a hyperspectral camera?

Emberion offers only monochromatic cameras. However, its wide spectral range 400-2000nm and overall optical performances make our camera a great choice for hyperspectral imaging when coupled to a spectral filtering system.

2. Where can I find the specification and user manual of the evaluation kit?

Instruction manual for the evaluation kit and user manual can be downloaded from this link.

3. What items and software are delivered with the evaluation kit?

Kit comes in a rugged plastic case including camera, USB stick with evaluation software, power source (without country specific power plug).

4. What items should I prepare to use the kit?

You need to prepare

  • A Cameralink frame grabber board (list of FG boards tested by Emberion here : iPORT CL-U3B in mountable enclosure (903-0007) with cables.
  • A country specific power plug to connect the power source to your local AC network
  • A C-Mount lens

5. Can you recommend a lens?

Any C-Mount lens can be used with our camera. However, we recommend you use lens with optimal characteristics in the spectral range of your application.

Contact Emberion for a list of recommended lenses.

6. Can you recommend a light system/setup?

Illumination is a critical part of any imaging setup, and its characteristics (spectral range, irradiance, angle of incidence) must be optimized for each application and environment.

Halogen lamps offer a wide spectral range with stable output, Vis and NIR LEDs are also available. Please contact us to discuss your application and we will do our best to recommend a setup.

7. Can you recommend a test setup?

Emberion tested the camera in various conditions, and we can certainly recommend a suitable test setup for your application. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

8. Can I use the camera on a microscope?

Our camera can be used on any optical setup with a C-Mount or C-Mount adapter, including microscopes.

9. Are you offering software and/or firmware updates?

Yes, Emberion will be offering software/ and or firmware updates through release updates and customer will be able to adopt to that. You will receive update email from support service.

10. Where can I find the mechanical drawing and step files of your camera?

We can provide you step file of our camera through file sharing tools. Please get in touch with us.

11. After the camera is delivered, what technical support is offered?

Emberion employs support & application engineers with a strong expertise in imaging, sensing and electronics.
We will be happy to assist you with any issue or question you may have.

Please contact us at