Emberion’s SWIR Hall of fame

SWIR images were taken using Emberion VS20 with wide wavlength range 400-2000nm and using IR filters. SWIR brings new capabilities to identify objects and see-through capabilities not possible using conventional cameras. Picture : Vuokko Lantz – Product Manager , Emberion.

SWIR Image >1000 nm(IR pass filter)                         400-2000 nm (full spectrum/no filter)       Image Filter <550 nm (VIS pass)

Dark hair, brown eyes and wooden earrings appear very light in IR light. Skin colour looks darker than in VIS light. Black plastic sunglasses are fully transparent, including the frames. Contrast differences make face recognition more difficultVisible light dominates IR light in this full spectrum image due to the properties of the halogen + LED light sources and spectral sensitivity of the sensor. Eyes are visible through the sunglasses transparent to IR light and contrast differences remain similar to VIS light and thus face can be automatically recognized based on a conventional VIS image database.Eyes are barely visible behind the sunglasses which makes face recognition very difficult.

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Our Applications engineer Frank Coenen’s SWIR portrait shows see-through sunglasses.

Emberion’s V20’s HDR capability brings new capabilities to industrial machine vision and surveillance sectors. Get in touch with us to know more: Sales@emberion.com