Emberion’s exhibition at Eurosatory , Paris was well received

Emberion has recently exhibited at Eurosatory 2018, Paris (11-15th June) and presented its updated product specification for VIS-SWIR analogue output VGA sensor at the ADS UK pavilion.  A lot of interest was created due to the unique technology and price proposition of Emberion’s sensors compared to the current technologies available in the market.

Applications both in the commercial and defence sectors seemed feasible with the VIS-SWIR IR detectors being developed by Emberion. Most camera and imaging systems manufactures found the products having definite unique benefits ( Broad spectral range, room temperature operation and excellent sensitivity and noise performance), were keen to learn more about the development & availability and started seriously considering the potential of Emberion’s detectors for their product lines. Night Vision, Machine Vision, Spectroscopy & Gas sensing were the most prominent applications for the sensors being developed.

Emberion also showcased its other line of products such as the thermal detectors (bolometers), linear arrays for spectrometers and single pixel products for evaluation. Emberion is planning to start shipping its single pixel evaluation product to its customers for specific applications and evaluation in autumn 2018.