Emberion Kowa Optimed collaborates for SWIR applications

Emberion & Kowa collborates to generated SWIR images and discuss the possibilities of using the products for various applications.  Watch the videos  and learn more from the article published from the links highlighted below.
Watch now on youtube many application domains! SWIR camera and lens technology in action, detecting hidden foreign materials mixed with rice in real time. SWIR wavelengths can discriminate between different materials that the human eye cannot detect. Perfect application for the food sorting industry.
Watch more videos  demonstrating the possibilities of using broadband lense from Kowa for the unique 400-2000nm sensor and cameras developed by Emberion. You can also watch the videos in linkedin

Moisture detection: making transparent water visible

Read the full article by clicking here jointly published by KOWA & EMBERION.
Image Quality Across the Spectral Range

Emberion recommends Kowa lenses for best image quality from visible to SWIR

As the machine vision market matures, hyperspectral imaging is one of the new frontiers of the industry. Imaging beyond the visible spectrum opens almost endless possibilities in a large variety of application areas to perform non-destructive testing, identify the chemical composition of materials for recycling purpose, evaluate the health of plants in agriculture and forestry, or enhance the security of biometrical identification, to name just a few examples.

Until recently, different spectral ranges required different sensor technologies and the high cost of infrared sensors such as InGaAs chips was an obstacle to the wide adoption of infrared imaging in many application areas. New sensor technologies, however, cover a larger spectral range from visible to short-wave infrared (SWIR) and are also more affordable, lowering the barrier to entry.


Emberion thanks Kowa team for the excellent collaboration!

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