Camera Kit

Product evaluation kit now available

Emberion’s Evaluation Camera Kit is based on our VIS-SWIR sensor providing you with the features and flexibility to test and evaluate our wide spectral band (400-2000nm) camera solution.

Explore & dive deeper with our Camera Kit!

Emberion camera evaluation kit meets the following specifications:

  • Wavelength: 400 – 2000 nm
  • VGA resolution: 640 x 512 pixels
  • Pixel size: 20 x 20 µm
  • Max Frame Rate: 100 fps
  • TEC: thermo-electric temperature control
  • Lens Mount type: C-mount
  • +12 Vdc (power source included)
  • Camera Link, one cable, SDR
  • Dimension of the camera: 169 x 101 x 110 mm
  • Weight of the camera: 1.5 kg
  • Software: graphical PC user software
  • Capable of firmware updates
  • Lens can be recommended *

Please contact Emberion Customer services: support@emberion.com

The evaluation camera kit contains:

  • the camera with a C-mount body cap
  • a universal power source with the camera side cable 36 W / +12 Vdc
  • user software on a USB3 memory stick for Microsoft Windows 10

Additional accessories required*:

  • Main cable (IEC) included for power source: please check adapter for country specific requirement (EU, US, UK or others)
  • a Camera Link frame grabber board with its user software and/or drivers
  • Base Configuration
  • one connector
  • a Camera Link certified cable, an SDR connector for the camera
  • a C-mount lens
  • a USB-C cable for firmware updates

Connectors and mounting

Locations of the connectors and the mounting holes.
  1. C-mount for the lens
  2. Mounting holes, ¼-20 UNC, depth 11 mm, 3 pcs.
    • additional 3 pcs. on the top
  3. Power connector
  4. Data connector
  5. Trigger connector (not in use)
  6. LEDs, 3 pcs.
  7. USB-C connector