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Emberion – Enabling the new era of imaging and sensing

Emberion develops and produces revolutionary photo and thermal detectors and imagers for night vision and machine vision, spectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging applications. Our nanomaterials and electronics design know-how create a unique differentiation for our products.

Emberion’s products combine high performance with very competitive cost level and thus enable new application areas for infrared imaging and sensing. Our passion is to take imaging and sensing to a new level.

Novel products with unique technologies

Emberion produces high-performance optoelectronic detectors by integrating graphene and other nanomaterials with in-house designed CMOS integrated circuits. We collaborate closely with leading industrial players and utilize also existing processes for our R&D and production.

Our sites are located in Cambridge, UK, and Espoo, Finland with 25 world-leading experts. The team has years-long experience in both product creation and applied research. We collaborate closely with key local research organizations at both locations and are also a member of the European Graphene Flagship program.

Founded in 2016, Emberion is a spin-out from Nokia’s R&D based on venture funding and spin-out expertise from Verso Ventures. It is co-founded with Emberion employees.